Dominican Republic recognized as the most popular destination in the Caribbean and #9 in the world

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The famous website Trip Advisor published its award for the best of the best in 2023 (“Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best”), in which they recognize the Dominican Republic as the 9th most popular tourist destination in the world, and the first in the Caribbean.

The publication places our country ahead of Caribbean countries, followed by Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and St. Marteen, who complete the top 5 in the regional ranking.

first destination caribbean dominican republic
Dominican Republic: Top 10 list destinations on the Caribbean according to Tripadvisor.

While globally, the Dominican Republic is the only destination listed in the top 10 as a country, while the other destinations are cities. This reflects the country’s branding strategy, prioritizing the national brand over specific destinations within the nation, such as Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Samaná, etc.

Dominican Republic recognized by TripAdvisor as the most popular destination in the Caribbean in 2023

The top 10 most popular destinations in the world were led by Dubai, followed by Bali, London, Rome, Paris, Cancun, Crete, the Dominican Republic, and Istanbul. This positions the country as a more popular destination than cities like Barcelona, Madrid, or New York, for example.

The Trip Advisor website explains that they award these “Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best” recognitions to destinations whose hotels, restaurants, and things to do have received a high volume of reviews and opinions from their community over a 12-month period. Less than 1% of Trip Advisor’s 8 million listings receive the Best of the Best award, which represents the highest level of travel excellence.

This new recognition for the Dominican Republic reaffirms the growth of the country’s tourism industry, which continues to be the fastest-growing sector in the economy in 2023, according to official data available to date.

This new accolade further solidifies the Dominican Republic’s position as a thriving tourist destination and positions the east side of the island as the preferred investment destination with the majority of Americans looking for homes for sale in Punta Cana, Las Terrenas is mentioned as the second most popular place in the island for people that want to invest in real estate.

The recognition from Trip Advisor highlights the exceptional quality of hotels, restaurants, and attractions available in the country, as evidenced by the high volume of positive reviews and feedback from travelers.

The Dominican Republic’s success in ranking among the top tourist destinations globally is a testament to its diverse offerings. From its stunning beaches in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata to the breathtaking natural beauty of Samaná, the country boasts a wide range of attractions that cater to various interests.

The strategic approach of promoting the Dominican Republic as a country rather than individual destinations has proven effective. By showcasing the nation’s overall appeal and emphasizing its unique cultural heritage, the country has successfully positioned itself as a must-visit location for travelers worldwide.

Dubai, Bali, London, Rome, Paris, and other renowned destinations may have secured top spots in the global ranking, but the Dominican Republic’s presence in the top 10 is a remarkable achievement. It demonstrates the country’s ability to compete on an international scale and attract tourists seeking unforgettable experiences.

As the tourism industry continues to thrive, the Dominican Republic can anticipate further economic growth and development. The sector’s sustained expansion contributes to job creation, infrastructure improvement, and overall prosperity for the nation.

With its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, the Dominican Republic remains an alluring destination for travelers seeking memorable vacations. The recognition from Trip Advisor serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences and positions it as a top contender in the global tourism landscape.

As the Dominican Republic’s tourism industry continues to evolve and innovate, travelers can expect even more exciting offerings and experiences in the years to come.

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4 thoughts on “Dominican Republic recognized as the most popular destination in the Caribbean and #9 in the world”

  • Kamila

    This recognition is well-deserved! Having recently purchased a condo in Punta Cana, I can attest to the allure and beauty of the Dominican Republic. The stunning beach, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality make it a truly exceptional destination. It’s no surprise to see the Dominican Republic earning its place among the top destinations globally.

  • Elena E. Garcia

    Hey folks! Just stumbled upon the amazing news about the Dominican Republic becoming the most popular Caribbean destination and hitting #9 globally. As someone who recently invested in Punta Cana, I can’t help but share the excitement!

    Also, for all things Dominican Republic vibes, the official tourism website is a goldmine. Dive in at Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. Cheers to the DR and its well-deserved global recognition!

  • Katarzyna

    Hello guys, what is the property transfer tax in the Dominican Republic?

    • Victor Matos Cabrera

      Hi Katarzyna, there is a one-time 3.1% transfer tax based on the government-assessed value of the property. This tax transfers the title from the seller to the buyer. It’s important to note that property taxes in Punta Cana are calculated according to the property’s market value determined by tax authorities that normally is lower than the purchase price listed in the deed of sale.


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