October 28: Halloween in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Halloween in Punta Cana Village

Have fun trick or treating at Halloween in Punta Cana Village, bring your goblins and haunting we will go! Starting at the kids playground park in Calle Amapola with Calle Jazmines, the fun starts at the witching hour from 4:00pm ’til 7:00pm.

Halloween in Punta Cana Village

Let’s go treat or treating this Halloween in Punta Cana Village

Spooky party Halloween in Punta Cana

Dress up as a creature of the night. Grab your costume, ghouls, and jack-o-lanterns, it’s time for a Halloween party in Punta Cana Village! 

Witches, potions, and cauldrons, oh my! Carve your Jack-o’-Lanterns and go haunting Punta Cana Village collecting treats from as much houses as possible. This will be the Halloween party of your dreams… or your nightmares.

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